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Through the years we have received literally hundreds of wonderful, appreciative responses from our customers, some of them we would like to share.

Just a note of thanks for your very special product. I've never, ever seen a wreath or an arrangement so lovely as you can produce. Please accept our thanks and gratitude for the beauty you have sent. GG Middleburg, VA

Thanks for the beautiful holly tips - arrived on time and in excellent condition. MB Ripon, WI

The holly arrived promptly and in good condition and the house was truly "decked with Holly" for the Christmas season: it was delightful and the topic if much conversation. FJL Birmingham, MI

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My holly was lovely last year. We shared our package with family and friends. What a joy to see those bright red berries and glossy leaves. Thank you BJB Golden, CO

Thank you for taking such good care in delivering my orders for holly. My friends always tell me how nice the holly is, and I do appreciate it. EP Dumont, NJ

I want you to know how pleased I am with the holly wreaths. They arrived on time and in perfect condition. They are still pretty as re all the extra branches you packed with them, which look beautiful in a large bowl on by dining room table. Thank you so much for your wonderful service. HP Warren AZ

This is just a little note to tell you how much we enjoyed the holly. We used half before Christmas and kept the other half in the refrigerator for New Year's The second bouquet looks as fresh as the first one did-it kept so well. Also the stems were nice and long and there were many berries. Thank you so much and we are looking forward to ordering next year. FE Omaha, NE

I cannot let another day go by without telling you what a good response I from from the holly that I sent to some of my business associates and friends here in Pittsfield. It was something different for people to receive here and it caused quite a discussion at various meetings that I attended. JCC Pittsfield, MA

Just a note to say both of my orders - to Grosse Pointe, Michigan and Wichita, Kansas- arrived in perfect condition and were received with much enthusiasm and full appreciation. Thank you so much! AP Portland, OR

My holly wreath was beautiful; also the loose holly in the box added to the beauty of the holiday. PG Olcott, NY

Our wreaths were beautiful. Seemed like the prettiest holly ever ERF Coeur d'Alene ID

It really would not be Christmas to me without your holly. My table was beautiful and greatly admired. For a centerpiece I filled a double tier glass cake compote with holly and topped it with a lovely Santa. Then I put the holly garland diagonally across the table around one side of the centerpiece and filled in the back side with holly sprigs. It was just beautiful. WC Pennsylvania

All our customers report the the wreaths "were the best ever" and were extremely pleased. RV Portland, OR

We shared a friend's box of holly from your farm this year, and it was so beautiful and so lovely a gift that we would like you to put us on your list for next year. Please send us information on whatever boxes you send out. HKS West Lafayette, IN

I appreciate your efforts in advising me of the shipping date of the holly, and also want you to know it arrived in excellent condition. We have never seen more beautiful holly and you can rest assured we are doing everything possible to preserve it in a fresh state as long as possible. AEB Grosse Pointe, MI

Our order came through to all in fine condition and with beautiful holly. ADM Lima, OH

Would you please send me a copy if your current catalog? Each year for the past three or four Christmases we've sent a friend or two some of your holly, and in each instance it has been praised to the skies. EK Washington DC

I just had to write it tell you how pleased I have been with my first order of your beautiful holly. I ordered the 2V and the 14G wreath - and they both came through in excellent condition. BCB Penn Yan NY

Congratulations on your delivery of beautiful holly. You sent the order on the 17th and we received it on the 18th. The holly is fresh and green with beautiful red berries. I wrote a note to my friend who sent it to me and told her how much I appreciated it and its freshness. The packaging and package-plus delivery- are perfect! REK Cleveland Hts, OH

I wanted to tell you how lovely and rewarding the holly was that I purchased from you this year. We used some to decorate a table for a wedding reception. I also made some arrangements to decorate our home for the holiday and everyone enjoyed enjoyed them so much because the holly was so lovely. CT Carey, OH

It was such a nice enjoyable thrill to receive your wonderful holly for Christmas a year ago! Mother was so thrilled that she wanted me to see the holly the first thing I did after coming home from work. Everyone that saw the holly went into a wonderful joyous mood over its beauty! We gave the tips away for corsages and the people were thrilled through and through over their wonderful beauty! Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season. JLS Canterville, IL

I use these holly sprigs in many ways to bring sparkle to friends' and relatives' eyes. GB Chadron, NE

Thank you so much for your excellent service. One of my relatives just threw out their wreath a week ago (May 20). All the people said that the holly was the best yet. The folks all enjoy your beautiful product. PAW Akron, OH

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of the lovely holly. I have decorated the Hotel and have had many favorable comment s on how fresh and attractive the Holly looks. Thank you again for the wonderful service and I look forward to doing more business with you next year. MB Myaguez, Puerto Rico

This is my 6th or 7th Christmas order. They have been very satisfactory, and greatly appreciated by the receipients. MMG Birmingham, MI

The holly you sent us was magnificent. It was placed in a large green bowl in our living room, and everybody who came into our house exclaimed over its beauty. ER Brookline, MA

Last Christmas (for the first time) my brother put in an order to have some real Christmas holly sent to our place. The holly came well packed and in time for Christmas. In fact, it came a day or two before Christmas. On Christmas morning in front of our relatives and kin we opened the box and the holly was indeed fresh and good healthy color. We put some in vases and some in other parts of the rooms, and all were amazed that the Holly was real and all the way from Oregon. It was a unique, different and a most pleasant gift to receive. JTM Bloonfield, NJ

My friends in Kentucky surely do enjoy their wreath. It has become a tradition and all their neighbors await the arrival of their beautiful wreath. Thank you again for filling our order each year so nicely. BG Chillicothe, OH

I want you to know how universally appreciated your holly is. One recipient wrote me, "The holly has arrived is beautiful! Thank you. It is remarkable how it arrives - fresh green and multitudes of firm red berries". EK Melville, NY

What a lovely gift - the holly from Oregon! Ir is very heartwarming to receive such a gift as well as delightful to look at. We have never seen any with the variegated edge - very effective - and the berries so red and plentiful. It has been admired by other people who have come in. AMB Sarasota, FL

The entire order was received in time. The holly was truly beautiful, and the corsages were well received as fay and unusual. Thank you for your kindness, ECM Metuchen, NJ

We feel we have found new friends, thanks to your wonderful holly and the pleasure and beauty it is adding to our holiday. Thank you for wonderful service and an exceptional product. We have already decided to send this to our family next year for Christmas gifts NR Houston, TX

Last year I was lucky enough to receive a box of fabulous Oregon holly from your farm as a gift. We have holly here in the East, but it does not compare in beauty and rich color to yours. MLB Allentown PA

I have received your holly as a gift for two years - truly it is one of the loveliest gifts I have ever had. I felt a thrill when I opened the box and looked at the breathtaking beauty of the holly. God bless you all. DM London, KY

Your holly is always beautiful. Many thanks. HRV New York City, NY

Last Christmas one of the loveliest gifts my family received was a holly wreath shipped by your company. We received many compliments from our friends on what an appropriate gift for that time of year, GFB Humble, TX

One of the nicest Christmas gifts I received was a box of your holly, sent by a friend. It was so fresh - still enjoying it (January 7). To me it was an ideal Christmas thought and a "must" on my lists for next year. MLB West Chester, PA

The holly wreath you sent me was absolutely stunning- the shiny, rich green leaves and the generous use of berries! It looks most elegant on our red door. PP Lake Oswego, OR