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We offer a complete line of florist products for the holiday season with an emphasis on holly. We have deluxe berried holly in either assorted lengths or graded in short, medium or long pieces packed in 5,10 and 25 lb cartons.

We pack in net weights meaning you get a full quantity of holly and are not paying for box weight. Brownell Holly Farms with over 10,000 trees and can offer volume pricing but also will ship a single carton at a very affordable price. We take pride in every box we pack. Please call for our price current price list and we will send, email or fax it to you.

5,10 & 25 lb Cartons:
-berried or unberried green,
-berried or unberried silver variegated,
-yellow berried or unberried green holly
-assorted lengths graded short, medium or long to suit your needs.

We have holly in 1/2 lb and 1 lb bagged holly packed 20 and 10 units to a carton your choice of berried green or berried variegated holly

Five sizes of wreaths from 14" to 30" are available in any combination of foliage and berries.